Focus on the music, we'll handle your business.

Financial management platform for music businesses
Habitat helps labels, publishers, and distributors save on royalty processing, payments, and financial operations. No matter the size of your music business, Habitat has a solution for you.
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Run your entire business easily and efficiently

Habitat is your home for the information and tools that you need everyday


Review content, check deal terms, and manage contracts and rights with zero effort


Keep tabs on how your music is streaming and how much money you're making


Process royalties, track expenses, make payments, and generate reports for your entire catalogue

Make payments

Make your payments in the same place that you process your royalties.

Pay all of your artists with our one-click mass payment, or pay them individually when you need.

We support bank transfers, PayPal payments, and even offer support for cash or checks.

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Instant access to funds

Pay artists directly on their Habitat card so that they can access their funds instantly (coming soon)

Better statements

Simple, clear and standardized statements that make it easy to see where your money is coming from

Sign Contracts

Draft, send, and sign contracts with Habitat's built-in contract signing tool.  

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Artist Dashboards

Give your artists the transparency they need. Artists can add their manager, change their payment details, view their deals and more.

Habitat's artist dashboard pulls financial data from all of their statements to put artists in control of their financial future.

Deal Tracking

Artists and labels can keep track of deal terms like end dates, record shares, ISRCs, and more. Stay on top of you catalogue without any additional effort.

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